What is the syllabus for artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world and more students are opting to learn it. There are various courses available in the country in some of the most prestigious colleges. They provide degrees like Bachelors of technology with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, certificate courses provided by various IITs. The exact syllabus of the course differs from country to country but some of the major subjects covered in almost all courses are:

• Introduction to Python
• Machine Learning Concepts
• Supervised Learning
• Unsupervised Learning
• Applied Statistics
• Natural Language Processing
• Face Detection
• Sentiment Analyzer
• Reinforcement Learning
• Object Detection
• TensorFlow and Neural Network
• Motion Analysis and Object Tracking.
A detailed division of the courses in the modules are as follows:


• Python for AI & ML
• Applied Statistics

Machine Learning

• Supervised Learning
• Unsupervised Learning
• Ensemble Techniques
• Featurization, Model Selection & Tuning
• Recommendation Systems
• Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning
• Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

• Additional Modules
• Time Series Forecasting
• Pre Work for Deep Learning
• Model Deployment
• Visualization using Tensor board
• GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)
• Reinforcement Learning