What is the salary offered to a fresher DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer’s salary ranges from 4L to 15L in India, with the average salary being 6L. The starting salary that you can get will range from 4L to 6L in India. With experience, the salary will grow at an increasing rate. If you are a fresher, then you can expect an average annual salary to be 4L to 5L. If you have an exceptional resume & if you are talented, you may get a starting salary of 6L per annum. If you are an average student, you don’t already have a good resume, you have no experience in the field then it would be difficult for you to get a high salary, though you can expect a yearly salary to be around 2.5L to 4L. Most of the DevOps Engineer has a graduation degree from an institute & a post-graduation degree from a reputed institute because the course is not yet that popular among students. So, according to me, you can expect a yearly salary to be 3L to 4L.