What is the Salary of a Marketing Analyst

According to Glassdoor, a marketing analyst can expect to earn around INR 40 lakhs per year. So, if someone wants to know what his finances will be like if he pursues a career in Marketing as an analyst, he can expect a median salary of around INR 28 lakhs.

That will improve with practice. As time passes and a marketing analyst has results to back up his claim on any job opportunity that arises, he stands to earn significantly more. And, according to many reports, a marketing analyst with experience can start earning around INR 76 lakhs.

The omnichannel marketing and the evolving metaverse that is on the emergence are the reasons why a marketing analyst has such high value in today’s world. Companies want to use every channel of marketing so that they can transition as consumer preferences change. The traditional marketing buying funnel has died, and it has now devolved into a spiral in which the lines between place and promotion have blurred