What is the psychology/mindset of great software engineers?

The ability to think and behave like a CEO is a skill that great software engineers possess.
You could be thinking, “But I don’t believe I’ll be able to develop such a talent or attitude because I’ve never been a CEO or don’t personally know one.” You might be shocked to learn that being a developer implies you already possess many of the same qualities that make a good CEO. As a result, it’s more about grasping and perfecting this talent. Let me offer five tips to help you think and act like a CEO, even if you’ve never held the position. The best part is that this talent is transferrable and beneficial no matter where you are in your career.

  1. Learn how your present firm measures business performance.

  2. Make good use of data

  3. Master the art of delegation

  4. Be obsessive about constant improvement.

  5. Bring positive energy into the room