What is the prerequisite knowledge required in Back End Development?

Back-end developers are the ones that create the web services and APIs that front-end and mobile app developers use. The prerequisites to be known to a Back End Developer are as follows:

  • INTERNET: The term “internet” refers to a global network of computer networks.
  • NETWORKS: A network is a collection of computers and equipment that are connected to one another, usually wirelessly, through communication devices and transmission media.
  • DATABASES: A database is a place where collected data and information is saved in a well-defined, sortable, and accessible format.
  • IDE: IDE stands for “integrated development environment.” It’s a supportive environment in which one can write, revise, and maintain code.
  • BROWSERS: A browser is application software that allows one to view a server.
  • COMPUTER SERVER: A computer server is an application software program that processes requests and sends data over the internet to another computer.