What is the job description of a data analyst?

Data analyst is a person who have deep knowledge about data (structured data or Unstructured data). Data analyst’s job is to collect the data first and understand what type of data it is then find out the appropriate insights in order to make better decisions.

Below are the steps which Data Analysts do -

1- Gather Data.

2- Understand Data.

3- Clean Data (If required)

4- Tranform Data.

5- Visualize Data.

The best way to showcase your work as a Data Analyst is via appropriate documentation, so the end user can understand the meaning and steps of the requirement.

Data Analysts are hired by businesses to collect, process, and evaluate massive amounts of data.

  • These experts serve as an organization’s gatekeeper, assisting stakeholders in understanding data and making business decisions.
  • Data analysis can be used to detect a variety of facts and patterns.
  • They boost a company’s yield by fixing problems and answering queries through data analysis.

As a result, they write a report on their study and offer it to management after coming to a conclusion based on the evidence.

Responsibilities and job description

  • A data analyst is responsible for maintaining and controlling databases and data systems, as well as fixing any coding errors or other problems. They restructured data from primary and secondary sources to make it more readable and reliable.

  • Data analysts use statistical methods to decipher data and spot trends or patterns that could benefit the business. They collaborate with others, build new data governance principles, and suggest system changes.

  • A data analyst is required of maintaining, controlling and designing databases and systems for multiple departments and creating dashboards, scripting and using business intelligence applications such as Tableau. Most data analysts interact with management, IT teams, or data scientists to gather or clean data for business insights or finding trends.