What is the interview experience in a managerial role for TCS?

• Every job seeker’s dream is to work with TCS, one of the largest players in consulting, technology, and software.
• Every year, the conglomerate hires thousands of management graduates. Candidates are curious as to how they get in. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible to crack either.
• If a person is well-prepared for the questions, he or she will breeze through all of the rounds of interviews.
Following are some of the questions that might be asked in a managerial interview of TCS:
• Have you managed a project/team before and was it successful/unsuccessful?
• Are you willing to take risks generally? How did you keep your team motivated?
• Have you taken up a leadership role before? How did it span out?
• How do you plan your day and is it organized?
• How would you react if you have been notified that you underperformed and did not meet your targets?