What Is the future of AI?

Artificial Intelligence is in the tip of everyone’s tongue today and it is on the trend for technological developments. According to the research, the use of Artificial Intelligence has risen in the industries by almost 270% in the last 3 years. It is estimated to be rising and it will eventually settle in each and every field. A quick overlook on the sectors it would affect the most in the future are:

• Medicine- The field of Medicine is one of the industries which has a lot of data and with the help of AI it can be processed to create a better healthcare system that will help in better treatments and diagnostics.
• Automotive: The dominance of AI is already seen In this sector with the launch of self-driven cars. AI will have also have a major impact in the manufacturing processes.
• Cybersecurity- AI and machine learning tools will be a major help in protecting data and threats of cyberattacks. It can also predict threats by processing a large amount of data and storing them.
• E-commerce- AI will play a pivotal role in e-commerce in the future, in every sector of the industry from user experience to marketing to fulfilment and distribution. We can expect that moving forward, AI will continue to drive e-commerce, including through the use of chat-bots, shopper personalization, image-based targeting advertising, and warehouse and inventory automation.