What is the evaluation Criteria of Written Ability Test (WAT)?

The panel primarily looks for the following points for WAT:

  1. Clarity of thought – Your essay should be analytical and structured. Define the keywords sufficiently, then create a framework for the topic. An essay is always a dialogue and not an argument. Express the facts or opinions when you are clear and reasonably reach that point.
  2. Simplicity – Don’t use overly complex wording and technical jargon when writing your essay. Don’t pepper your essays with words, long sentences, Verbose arguments. This may cause the opposite of the intended effect. The essay should be easily readable to the panel and shouldn’t stop them with unfamiliar wording.
  3. Comprehensiveness – A essay should be well-rounded and comprehensive, covering all the facts and issues of the topic. Please don’t leave out the details, thinking it should be concise.
  4. Robust reasoning – You should support your stance and opinion with solid reason. This shows your thought process. You should support your point with arguments, information, and illustrations.