What is the difference between a back end and full stack developer?

As the internet gets more complicated and vaster, the requirements of developers are becoming more specialized.
• There aren’t many job postings that specifically state that a company is searching for a back-end developer.
• Instead, one will find job postings for Ruby developers, PHP developers, and other programming languages, because knowing the correct programming language is crucial to being the right match for a specific job in the field of back-end development.
• Developers that work on both the front and back ends of a website or application are known as full-stack developers. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and one or more back-end languages are all familiar to them.
• The majority of full-stack developers devote a significant amount of time to either the front or back end of a website.
• However, they have complete freedom to explore any part of the code in the entire stack.
• Some full-stack developers build complete websites from the ground up, including the front and back ends, although they’re usually independent or the only developer on a project.