What is the data science scope in India?

Given the number of IT companies in India, the country has a lot of data science potential. India has a long and storied history of technical and scientific advancement. We’re hot in IT and healthcare, and we have a strong presence in a variety of industries. These industries rely on data science to make better judgments based on data that indicates consumer preferences and aids in the promotion of items to the right demographic. As a result, data science’s future potential in India is boundless.

With 50,000 potential positions in data science, data analytics, and other related sectors, India is the second-highest country for recruiting specialists, trailing only the United States. Large organizations, e-commerce companies, and even start-ups all have a significant demand for data expertise.

The average annual salary of a data scientist in India is Rs.10,00,000/-. Increasing your skills and resume will, of course, enable you to make more money.

The salary is decided by a number of factors, including the industry in which you work, your job location, your professional data science profile, your degree, job location, and your experience.

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