What is the career progression of a Python developer?

You can become one of the following at a high level:

If you choose Mobile Application, you will be a DevOps Full Stack Developer.
Frontend developer for a web application

Python is a very versatile language, so if you know it, you can work on a wide range of subjects. These are a few of them

Automation: Because python is so simple to understand and write, one of the first things people do is automate simple tasks like clearing the temp folder in Windows, synchronising the clock, and syncing their files to Google Drive. These automations can get rather complex, and many people engage automation engineers to help them with this.

Desktop GUI Apps: Python also allows you to create cross-platform desktop GUI applications. They can also be created with very little coding.

Devops: Python may be used to automate many operations related to software delivery and deployment.

Data Science/Machine Learning: When it comes to constructing data science and machine learning models, Python is by far the most popular language.

Scientific Computation: Python is used by mathematicians and scientists all over the world to perform calculations and process vast amounts of data in order to arrive at a conclusion.

Web Application: Python can also be used to create the back end, or server side, of a web application. Frameworks like Flask, Django, and others are quite useful.