What is the best way to prepare for the placement process of Mu Sigma?

The placement process of Mu-Sigma Consist of the following three stages:

  • Mu-Sigma Aptitude test (MuApt)
  • Case study
  • Interviews

We are going to describe the preparation according to each stage:


The logical reasoning, English, and maths-related problems are similar to those found in any other aptitude exam.

You should be fine if you practice for each of them.

There are several situation reaction questions, and personality-based questions; meant is no right or wrong answer; they are there to see if you meet the criteria to be a suitable fit for the role they have to offer.

So, please answer honestly and do not pretend to be someone else.

Case study

You will be assigned a problem to solve, regardless of its nature.

You will need to bring down questions into smaller pieces and figure out how to solve each.

Then combine those answers to arrive at a conclusion that ensures that the more significant problem will be solved and that a better position near an idle state will be achieved.

Break the probe into more minor problems, figure out what ideal condition you want to achieve once the issue is addressed, and then start addressing those more minor problems one by one.

Combining these answers should solve the more significant problem and optimal state.


Pretend not to be someone you are not.

They will ask you random questions, so answer whatever you want.

For example, they questioned why I wanted to study electronics, implying that my four years of study would be wasted.

I stated that I had not done much in terms of studies in the last four years, and I only studied since it was relatively easy to earn a good GPA.

So I would not mind switching to a position where I would be solving real-world problems.

They may assign you to solve specific analytical riddles in which they are not interested in the answer but rather in your method.

Continue in the same manner.