What is STP in marketing?

STP stands for segmentation, targeting, and positioning, STP Marketing gives a direction to acquire customers. It is simple to comprehend and implement in the workplace.

STP Marketing’s primary goal is to attract customers, not just any customers, but the appropriate customers interested in our offer.

We will first divide the existing population into segments, then target the segments that will be interested in our product, and last, we will develop our product to meet the needs of the targeted segment.

Segmentation: Here, a firm or a company divides or groups the population into smaller groups based on characteristics such as age, income, personality traits, or behavior. These categories can eventually be used to customize goods and advertising for specific clients.

Targeting: Now, we should select our ideal customers from the segmented groups. You must first discover potential clients who will buy your product based on their requirements.

Positioning: Then, you position your product in the market using various campaigns and mediums. It also refers to how you are going to show the product to your target audience so that they will purchase the product.