What is Outbound Marketing?explained

Outbound Marketing is also called Traditional Marketing. It helps to reach consumers by Promoting business products or services through hoarding boards, TV ads, radio, print media. Outbound Marketing is very costlier because of using physical media.

The advantage of this technique is beneficial for local promotion. Suppose when we use this technique along with Inbound Marketing then it will produce effective and efficient business results. For example, a local shop will be better promoted through print ads and flyers rather than social media.

Once you got your presence known through outbound marketing, then you can do inbound marketing for further and long-lasting reach. The Outbound Marketing technique covers the following technique:

  1. TV Ads
  2. Digital Hoarding
  3. SMS
  4. MMS

In the case of outbound marketing, the company is the conversation initiator. In outbound marketing, the company uses those media channels with the help of which it can send out a message to the audience. The medium of communication here generally includes traditional forms of marketing and advertising a product or a service like TV commercials, billboards, print ads in magazines and newspapers, radio advertisements, cold calls to prospects and emails. Ironically, the budget for outbound marketing constitutes majority of the budget allocated even though it is more difficult to track because of a lack of insights that an online platform can provide. Moreover, with the increase in the number of blocking techniques like ad blockers on google, the ad might not reach the intended target audience. Businesses are increasingly shifting to inbound marketing from outbound marketing due to the several advantages and opportunities the former provides for their growth.