What is offered by JP Morgan if i joined as Audit analyst?

In this two-year program, full-time analysts focus on business or technology positions.

We want people that are open, curious, collaborative, well-rounded, and motivated.

You should have a passion for business, finance, or technology , as well as the capacity to apply what you’ve learned to difficult situations.

You’ll work with our Audit teams to identify and analyze business risks, evaluate information security, and review digital technologies.


You’ll build continuous monitoring plans, plan audits, perform business walkthroughs, guide fieldwork testing, interview stakeholders, identify and communicate issues, and prepare audit reports after experiencing every phase of an audit.


The curriculum begins with a firmwide orientation and core audit and professional-skills training during the first week.

Each year, you’ll receive 60 hours of training and assistance in obtaining professional credentials.

Career progression

We invest in our employees’ retention and development, providing Analysts with a broad platform to launch a career in Audit.