What is macroeconomics?

Macroeconomics is the discipline of economics concerned with the overall structure, performance, behavior, and decision-making of the economy. Microeconomics, in a contrast to macroeconomics, is mainly concerned with the effects on and decisions made by individual players in the economy (people, companies, industries, etc.).

Macroeconomics refers to the study of all the study of all economy as a world. It means macroeconomics takes the whole world’s aggregate indicators for study and can compare the different influencer of the economy or can state the value of their money in the foreign countries as it helps organisations in formulation of different economical policies and strategies to work over it.

Macroeconomics is helpful in the following :-

  • helping in making different policies regarding development

  • can help in measuring GDP’S , NNI’S ,etc.

  • helps in making fiscal policies and other investmenting policies.