What is AWS in DevOps? Why AWS for DevOps?

AWS is Amazon’s cloud service platform, which enables users to quickly use DevOps methods. The technologies given will greatly aid in automating manual processes, allowing teams to manage complex settings and engineers to work efficiently with the high velocity provided by DevOps.

Using AWS for DevOps has several advantages. The following are a few of them:

  • AWS is a ready-to-use service that doesn’t require any additional software or configurations to get started.

  • AWS’s offer of computational resources is limitless, whether it’s one instance or hundreds at a time.

  • The AWS pay-as-you-go approach will keep your pricing and budgets in control, ensuring that you can mobilize sufficiently and obtain a comparable return on investment.

  • AWS pushes DevOps approaches closer to automation, allowing you to create quicker and more effectively in terms of development, deployment, and testing.

  • AWS services are extremely programmable and effective since they can be utilized via the command-line interface, SDKs, and APIs.

DevOps is an approach or a culture that is being followed by the IT, to bring quality in their products along with faster delivery. For example, if there is a bug reported to any product, it can be delivered to the market within a week’s time, with minimal manual intervention and with all approved quality.

Taking about AWS, it is a cloud platform by Amazon which provides a large amount of products. This platform enables the software development team with a flexibility to choose their environment and proceed with their work, without worrying about any hardware.

DevOps and AWS create a very strong and trending combination, as you can easily automate the software development process on cloud, and not worry about infrastructure loss. The servers in AWS can be resized, based on the load, or can be deleted or procured as per the requirement, just in a few minutes.