What is average salary comparison of different roles in Data Science industry and in India?

There are various roles of the data science domain in India. Let’s see some of them and discuss their respective salaries.

  • Data Scientists: A data scientist’s average annual salary is $698,412. An entry-level data scientist can earn around 500,000 per year with less than a year of experience. With 1 to 4 years of experience, data scientists may expect to earn around 610,811 per year. A data scientist with 5 to 9 years of experience earns $1,004,082 in India.

  • Data Engineers: In their early careers (1-4 years of experience), Data Engineers can expect to earn roughly Rs.7,37,257 LPA. A Data Engineer’s compensation rises to Rs.1,218,983 LPA as they go to mid-level (with 5-9 years of experience). An average salary is Rs.8,56,643 LPA.

  • Data Analyst: In India, a data analyst with 1–4 years of experience earns Rs 3,96,128, whereas a mid-career Data Analyst with 5–9 years of experience can earn up to Rs 6,03,120, depending on the employer and working region.