What is Angular? What are the technologies used in Angular?

Angular is a Google-created open-source web application development framework. It is used to create frontend, single-page JavaScript apps. It’s a full-featured framework, which means it handles everything from HTTP requests to routing, layout, forms, reactivity, and validation in frontend web applications.

Google created Angular, a contemporary frontend JavaScript framework. Angular makes use of a variety of technologies for a variety of purposes, including to make certain activities easier to complete and to provide developers a better experience when creating apps with it. TypeScript is a superscript of JavaScript that is used by Angular. As a result, every legitimate JavaScript code is also a valid TypeScript code. However, TypeScript enables us to express JavaScript as a tightly typed language with the ability to create our own types, making problem detection considerably easier. It also makes use of RxJS, which makes it easier for developers to deal with asynchronous activities.