What is Advertising?

This aspect of marketing, Advertising is one which deals with each and every other aspect of marketing because advertisers have to work from the beginning, ie. Inception of a strategy to its development to its execution. Generally, jobs that fall under Advertising and the business side of it are Management of Accounts, Account Planning, Media Planning, Audio-visual promotion of the brand etc. They play the role of the liaison between the several departments in any Ad agency and the specific departments of the client. To create and formulate a budget and ensuring that the client stays within that allocated budget and schedule is also their work. They are entrusted with the task of conducting studies and research on the demographics and consumer practices, behavior and ideologies of their target consumers. Then after the research, they use it and plan its execution in their ads to display that they have easy and convenient solutions to their requirements. They can analyse what influences and motivates the behavior of consumers in any marketplace. The work of a Media Buyer is also a part of this Advertising aspect of Marketing. One can find such jobs in several Ad agencies, organisations and firms.