What is admission process for IIM Lucknow?

IIM Lucknow is one of the older IIMs established in 1984. IIM Lucknow offers three courses which include PGP, PGP-ABM, and PGP-SM.

The admission process of the IIM Lucknow is consists of 3 stages.

The three stages are as follows -

  • Preliminary shortlisting
  • WAT-PI Round
  • Final shortlisting

Preliminary Shortlisting

It is the first round in which candidates are shortlisted for the WAT-PI round. In this round, the candidate’s CAT score, academic background, and other parameters like gender and academic diversity are being checked or marked.

This round also includes checking documents for different processes.

The criteria for shortlisting for all three programs are different.

WAT-PI Round

The shortlisted candidates from the preliminary stage go through two substages - The written ability test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). The panelist marks the candidates based on their performances in both stages.

Final shortlisting

Based on pre-determined criteria defined by the B-school. The candidates are being invited to join the B-school. The criteria consist of scores of WAT-PI round, CAT scores, and the academic profile of the candidates.