What is a Writing Ability Test (WAT) in the MBA Admission process?

Writing Ability Test is a component that is generally included in the process for evaluating a candidate. The motive of this test is to check the understanding of a candidate of the topic provided and their ability to put thoughts/ideas into words and present them in form of a short essay. It is generally a 15–20-minute test where a candidate has to write a 300-word essay. The topics can range from current affairs, social stigmas, international news, a law/judgement passed or a completely fictional topic. The candidate in order to prepare for this need to be well read and be updated with the happenings around. It is advised that the candidates convey the idea in a proper format and do not just bluff around. This component has a weightage of 10% in the selection criteria. Many of the management institutes still use this component while some of the institutes have removed WAT as a component form their evaluation.