What Is A Press Release?

Press release also known as a news release is a written or recorded communication for news media for announcing something claimed as having news value.

Typically, the purpose of a press release is to accurately represent and promote significant corporate news. A good press release may announce a new product or a newsworthy event. The information presented within your release should follow the pre-existing format. The bulk of a press release must include the announcement your client is making. However, a press release should also specify whether the information is for immediate release. It needs to include a date, location, contact information and a little more information about the company or organisation making the announcement.

Some other common goals of a press release include:

  1. Alerting the media in hopes the release gains a reporter’s attention
  2. Sharing official information about a client, company or organisation with the intention of planting the seed for a possible news story and press coverage
  3. Promoting brand awareness and identity

A press release, which may also be referred to as a media release, is different from a media advisory. The two strategies often used by PR professionals serve very different promotional purposes. A press release often resembles an article and should contain quotes and facts that can be picked up for use in future news stories. A media advisory only provides basic information with the goal of increasing attendance at a live event or something similar.

A press release is a written statement issued by the public relations department of an organization. Usually, it’s accompanied by an interview with one or more executives from that business and carries a headline like “XYZ Company unveils new line of products” or “XYZ Company announces merger”. In recent years, many organizations have started posting their press releases online through news sites

While press releases are rooted in tradition and mainly intended for journalistic purposes, they can be shared for any number of reasons, such as to show support for causes that members of Kiwanis International may not want to attach their names to.