What is a good GMAT score?

While preparing for GMAT many of us have thought about what a good score would be. Fortunately or unfortunately, the answer is not objective like any of the Indian competitive examinations. The score depends on the college one is applying to along with other admission criteria. The GMAT score is used by schools only as an eliminating step to bring the number of eligible candidates to a manageable level. Schools also look at the demographic area to which an applicant belongs, while setting score cutoffs. The primary reason is that most business schools want to build a diverse class, and if the number of applicants from a region is, high the minimum score requirements will obviously go up. The GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800, but any score above 700 is a good score for most colleges.

If for some reason you do end up getting a lower score, don’t be disheartened because it is the entire profile of the candidate which is taken into consideration rather than just the GMAT score. So keep preparing, and give it your best shot but don’t forget to build your entire profile simultaneously.