What does a personal interview evaluate?

As the name suggests, a personal interview is an evaluation of the candidate’s skills as a potential employee of the recruiter company. Since it generally begins with the candidate introducing himself, the main focus of the recruiter is on his confidence levels and how he expresses himself in this regard. They tally his introduction with his CV and proceed with the interview after he has introduced himself. The recruiters generally aim to hire candidates who are enthusiastic about the employment and it is, therefore, important for the candidate to show that enthusiasm on his face during the interview. The recruiter also focuses on how the candidate reacts to tough situations and how he answers questions based on basic soft skills like hard work and teamwork. Further, they ask him questions out of his resume and evaluate his technical knowledge in his field of study. It is imperative for any candidate to maintain his composure and radiate positive body language. It passes the message that the candidate is confident in himself and therefore is an efficient non-verbal communication that sets one apart