What are various datatypes in Statistics?


  • Definition: Categorical data refers to a data type that can be stored and identified based on the names or labels given to them.
  • Alias: Also known as qualitative data as it qualifies data before classifying it.
  • Examples: What is your gender? Male, Female, Other
  • Types: Nominal data and Ordinal data.


  1. No order scale
  2. Natural language description
  3. Can take numerical values but with qualitative properties
  4. Can be visualized using bar charts and pie charts


  • Definition: Numerical data refers to the data that is in the form of numbers, and not in any language or descriptive form.
  • Alias: Also known as quantitative data as it represents quantitative values to perform arithmetic operations on them.
  • Examples: What is your test score out of 20? Below 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20
  • Types: Discrete data and Continuous data.


  1. Has an ordered scale
  2. Not use of natural language description
  3. Takes numeric values with numeric qualities
  4. Can be visualized using bar charts and pie charts