What are the uses of AI in Science and Research?

  • Artificial intelligence is progressing in each and every field and has made great contributions to Science and Research.
  • Artificial intelligence can deal with enormous amounts of information and processes it faster than human minds.
  • This makes it ideal for research where the sources contain high information volumes.
  • Artificial intelligence is now making forward leaps in this field. An incredible model is ‘Eve,’ which is an AI-based robot.
  • It found an element of toothpaste that can fix a hazardous illness like Malaria. Envision a typical substance present in a regular thing that is fit for treating Malaria; it’s a critical leap forward, no question.
  • Drug discovery is a quickly developing area, and AI is supporting the specialists extensively in such a manner.
  • Biotechnology is another field where analysts are involving AI to plan microorganisms for modern applications. Science is seeing huge changes on account of AI and ML.