What are the tips to prepare for the Quant and DI Section of Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)?

The Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation component of the CMAT exam is comparatively difficult, but if you are proficient in mathematics, you should easily pass this section. Keep the following pointers in mind as you prepare for the Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation section of CMAT 2022:

• Quantitative Techniques questions dominate this section of the CMAT test. Table-based data interpretation questions are normally limited to four to six.
• The majority of the problems in the Quantitative Techniques section are based on Arithmetic. There were ten Arithmetic questions out of a total of 25 on the CMAT 2021.
• Even if you studied Mathematics in college, devote a significant amount of time to clarifying concepts, equations, and theorems because this is the foundation of excellent CMAT preparation.
• Solve a few sample questions after studying a topic. This will assist you in understanding the theory’s implementation.
• Solving CMAT practice questions will also assist you in determining whether or not you have grasped the concepts.
• Both the Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation parts rely on calculations; neither is intuitive. As a result, appropriate question practice is required.
• To familiarise yourself with a range of problems focused on Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation, take CMAT mock examinations, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers.
• Start solving mock tests on alternate days in the last month before CMAT 2022. Assess your performance and score after each fake test to determine your weak points.
• For quick calculations, memorize tables up to 20, square and square roots up to 100, cubes, cubes roots, and so forth.
• Prepare an exam strategy on the day of the exam. If you excel at quantitative techniques and data interpretation, begin the CMAT 2022 paper by answering this section’s questions.
• Attempt to meet the minimum sectional cut-off level on the CMAT 2022 exam before moving on to the next part. If time allows, you can return to tackle the remaining questions.