What are the technique of scientific management?

Techniques of Scientific Management

  1. Functional Foremanship: Functional foremanship is a factory administration system that supports for possessing numerous foremen in separate, functional roles.

  2. Standardisation and Simplification of Work: What is Standardisation?

  3. Method Study:The purpose of the outlined study is to find out one vigorous way of performing the job. There are different ways of performing the job. To ascertain the best way, there are diverse parameters. Right from the obtainment of raw materials until the ultimate product is presented to the consumer, every pursuit is part of method research. Taylor devised the idea of the assembly line by applying the method study.

  4. Motion Study: Motion study pertains to the study of movements like putting objects, lifting, changing positions and sitting etc., which are moved while doing a conventional job. Random movements are solicited to be reduced so that it takes less time to perform the job effectively.

  5. Time Study: It circumscribes the conventional time taken to complete a well-defined job. Time regulating devices are used for each part of the task. The standard time is set for the entirety of the task by taking different readings. The course of time study will rely upon the frequency and volume of the task, the cycle time of the process and time measurement costs.

  6. Fatigue Study:A person is obliged to feel tired mentally and physically if she or he does not relax while working. The rest periods will assist one to recover vitality and work again with the same capacity. This will result in improved potency. Fatigue study tries to define the amount and regularity of rest intervals in accomplishing a task.