What are the skills an interviewer can judge in an online GD/PI round?

Parameters on which an individual is judged during a GD/PI round are:

  1. Communication skills – The way an individual puts forth their thoughts in front of the other participants/panel

  2. Interpersonal skills – The way an individual interacts with others in the group

  3. Subject Knowledge – How aware an individual is about various topics

  4. Listening power – The ability to grasp and decode what the other person wants to convey

  5. Attitude – The individual’s body posture, pitch and tone

  6. Confidence – How confident they are in establishing their points

  7. Leadership Skills – Whether an individual can lead a discussion

  8. Self-presentation – Presenting themselves in front of a panel (appropriately dressed from top to bottom)

  9. Decision making/ problem solving competence

  10. Critical thinking and analytical skills

  11. Basic past academic concepts