What are the roles and responsibilities of a Blockchain Security Engineer?

The primary job of a blockchain security engineer is to prevent any malicious attacks on the blockchain network. As numerous blockchain applications are still in the making, the security needs to be very tight, and these security engineers.

Responsibilities in the job include:

  1. Performing security assessments and threat modeling of assets of protocols, smart contracts, etc. in blockchain
  2. Working together with software teams on software protocols and architecture for management frameworks.
  3. Verify the code and detect malicious behavior in internal teams
  4. Stay updated with the new and cutting edge software security protocols and apply them in the projects
  5. Participate in all security-related processes
  6. Training software team on security standards
  7. Set verify the usability of the code without any security problems
  8. Validate and test protocols across the blockchain architectures

These are some of the essential responsibilities that need to be done, but the company may ask for an engineer with sufficient coding knowledge in the code the company uses.