What are the reasons for the browser freeze issue?

To identify the root cause and to resolve the frequent browser freeze issue, follow the steps mentioned below:

Here, we are considering Google Chrome as the default browser.

  1. Check any issue related to the Internet: Click on Window icon (Start) → Select Control Panel → Under Network and Internet → Click on View network status and tasks → Check View your active network – click on connect or disconnect → It should display Internet connection for the selected network.
  2. Chrome is not closed properly: On the extreme to down right corner, right-click and select start task manager, if you find multiple chrome.exe under processes tab, right-click on that record and select End process. This will free up RAM space. Then relaunch Chrome again.
  3. Disable Chrome Extensions: Open Chrome browser and type in the address bar → chrome://extensions/ and press Enter. Disable all active extensions and restart the Chrome browser again. Go to Chrome extensions and enable all extensions.
  4. Scan computer for any malware: Launch Chrome and navigate to settings. Click on Advanced, find Reset, and Clean up. Click on Clean up computer.
  5. Reset Chrome settings: Launch Chrome, go to settings, click on Advanced, find Reset and clean up and click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  6. Remove Incompatible applications: During a scan, if Chrome detects any incompatible application, click on update or remove incompatible applications.
  7. Finally, if the issue still persists, uninstall the Chrome version, and install the latest version.