What are the process states in Linux?

The process states in Linux are:

  1. Ready: In this state, the process is created and is ready to run.
  2. Running: Here, the process is being executed.
  3. Blocked or wait: In this state, the process is waiting for input from the user.
  4. Completed or Terminated: Here, either the process completed execution or was terminated by the OS.
  5. Zombie: In this state, the process is terminated, but the process table still holds the information.

Process states in Linux:

Running: Process is either running or ready to run

Interruptible: a Blocked state of a process and waiting for an event or signal from another process

Uninterruptible: a blocked state. Process waits for a hardware condition and cannot handle any signal

Stopped: Process is stopped or halted and can be restarted by some other process

Zombie: process terminated, but information is still there in the process table.