What are the key decisions a product manager will take?

The role of product manager includes a lot of decision-making. As a product manager, it is your responsibility to set the direction, choose which features will be developed, and determine how they will function in practice. The erroneous selection can significantly influence the number of individuals who buy and use the product.

Where, What, and When are the three most important decisions a product manager must make.

The “Where” is all about deciding on your product strategy — the product manager is in charge of deciding on the product’s focus and broad goals.

The “What” is about deciding which of your many ideas, feature requests, and proposals will be put to your backlog and maybe become actual features in your product.

The “When” refers to the prioritization process, which determines which items in the backlog should be built in which order.

As a product manager, you also need to prioritize your decision by determining its importance and the amount of data you need to prioritize it and add the most value.