What are the hygiene questions one should be ready for?

By anticipating the questions, you can expect in an interview, you can prepare by thinking

through and practicing your responses beforehand so that you can walk into the interview with confidence.

To develop your responses to a common interview question, put yourself in the interviewer’s

shoes. Ask yourself “What is the interviewer trying to find out?”

When you have that answer, ask: “How might I respond?”

  1. Tell me about yourself

  2. What would your last teachers say are your three best qualities? Why?

  3. How would your friends or teacher describe you?

  4. What are your strong points?

  5. What are your weak points?

  6. Why should we hire you?

  7. What are your long-term and short-term career plans? What position do you expect to have in five/ten/fifteen years?

  8. Of all your projects, which one was the most satisfying/rewarding? Why?

  9. Of all your projects, which one was the least satisfying/rewarding? Why

  10. Why are you so keen to join us?