What are the further rounds after clearing CAT exam

  • Different management colleges and B-schools have different admission processes after the CAT exam. And different B-schools have different cutoffs for their admission. Clearing the cutoff doesn’t get you admission into the college. It means the candidate is eligible for the further admission process.

  • Most of the MBA colleges have Group discussions followed by an interview round. Some colleges have an extra round like extempore and WAT ( written ability test).

  • Some colleges like SPJIMR will have admissions based on the profile, and they will be shortlisting the candidate based on the profile and calling for the interview. Also, there will be a minimum sectional cut off and overall cutoff of the CAT percentile for IIMs, and other B-schools.

  • Some of the colleges also consider 10th, 12th, and graduation marks.

  • In the case of working professionals, they also consider the number of months of work experience. Colleges will release many shortlists based upon the number of candidates accepting the admissions.

1. Extempore: -

In extempore, the candidate is usually given the topic on the spot and will be given a time of 30 seconds to think about it, and then they start speaking about the topic. The colleges conduct this round to know how good the candidate can perform under pressure and clarity of thought. Some examples of extempore are: - Artificial Intelligence in India, Do men cry, global terrorism. etc

2. WAT (written ability test): -

WAT is more of an essay type where the candidate will be given a set of questions or a case study and asks them to write down their opinion, their views and expect you to take a stand on the situation and come to a conclusion. Some examples are farmers bill 2020, India ban on china apps etc.

3. GD (group discussion): -

Group discussion topics are a vast range covering almost everything politics, history, economy, current affairs, etc. They can be broadly divided into abstract and case studies/ current affairs. Abstract type GDs include red vs blue, food vs ethics, good politics is a bad economy etc. They will be testing your body language, communication skills, your listening skills.

4. PI (personal interview)

This round is basically to know the candidate about what has he done in the past, his skills, marks, hobbies. Also, the most important and basic question you should expect in every interview is WHY MBA? WHY THIS COLLEGE? And also, they will be asking the candidate some basic HR questions like what are your strengths and weakness, your long term and short term goals. Also, they can touch upon some of the recent trending current affairs to know about your opinion.