What are the different ad formats available on Google Ads?

  • Text ads: These ads only have the text content and are found on Google’s SERP
  • Responsive display ads: These ads adjust their size and format depending on the space available. They can be text or image ads
  • Image ads: These ads use static or interactive images. They can also have these formats: .gif, .jpeg, flash, etc.
  • App promotion ads: These ads are used to drive app downloads
  • Video ads: These ads can be run stand-alone or inserted into other video content that’s streaming
  • Product shopping ads: These ads show product details like title, price, and store name
  • Showcase shopping ads: These ads have an image and a description that expands on being clicked, providing product and store information
  • Call-only ads: These ads enable users to connect to your business directly using the phone number provided