What are the customer lifecycle marketing activities?

To help show the importance of lifecycle marketing to managing communications, this visual highlights some of the many online marketing channels you must integrate to get the best results from digital marketing today. While some channels such as social media and SEO are well known we find that some [always-on marketing] techniques such as remarketing and influencer outreach are used less widely.

This visual - developed for use as a ‘gap analysis’ in our training and consulting workshops - shows typical lifecycle marketing activities that need to be managed by retailers and e-commerce across the lifecycle and across the Smart Insights RACE framework.

I have also created this summary of the lifecycle for [B2B digital marketing activities
since B2B marketing is different, with content marketing much more important to demand generation. Content creation for different personas is useful as part of demand generation at Top-of-funnel and then lead nurturing in the bottom of the funnel. Other marketing activities such as retargeting through email, Google Ads and LinkedIn can also be integrated within B2B.

Yet, I find when training, that often businesses are missing out on some of these activities which should be ‘always-on’. It can be useful to create a ‘gap analysis of your lifecycle’ comparing the full lifecycle against.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic