What are the components of HBase?

The following are the key components of HBase:

  1. Region Serve: The Region Server is made up of HBase tables that are split into Regions based on their key values. Furthermore, it runs on each and every node to estimate the size of the area. All region servers are worker nodes that handle requests from clients such as update, delete, read, and write.
  2. HMaster: For load balancing, HMaster sends regions to the appropriate region servers. It also keeps an eye on the Hadoop cluster and may be used by clients to alter a schema or a metadata action.
  3. ZooKeeper: ZooKeeper is a distributed service that allows you to coordinate and control the status of servers in a cluster. It also checks for available servers and sends out messages when one fails. Region servers notify Zookeeper of their readiness for reading and write activities by reporting their status.