What are the best resources to follow for Deep Learning?

It might be tough to know where to begin. To spare you some of the time and work I put into scanning the internet’s many nooks and crannies for the greatest information. I’ve compiled a large number of them here. I only include links to information that is available for free. It’s astonishing how much material about machine learning and deep learning is available on the internet. The following is a collection of A.I. and machine learning resources found on the internet.

• The following is a list of free online video courses:
• Machine Learning on Coursera (Andrew Ng)
• Neural Networks for Machine Learning on Coursera (Geoffrey Hinton)
• Introduction to Machine Learning at Udacity (Sebastian Thrun)
• Machine Learning at Udacity (Georgia Tech)
• Deep Learning at Udacity (Vincent Vanhoucke)
• Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) (mathematical monk)
• Deep Learning for Coders: A Practical Guide (Jeremy Howard & Rachel Thomas)
• Convolutional Neural Networks for Graphical Recognition (Winter 2016) (Stanford CS231n) (class link)
• Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (Stanford CS224n) (class link)
• Deep NLP 2017 at Oxford (Phil Blunsom et al.)
• Learning through Reinforcement (David Silver)
• With Python, you can learn how to use machine learning in a practical way (spandex)