What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads? (Part 7)

  1. Try not to be too pushy with your messages either because people may feel overwhelmed by them and change their minds about whether or not they want to buy from you. Sometimes it’s inevitable, though, so don’t beat yourself up if it happens once in a while!

  2. When using Facebook Ad Manager, try experimenting with different periods when posting your ads in each campaign (for example, “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “Last Week”) to see what has worked best for you!

  3. If you can, try posting your ad on a Monday or Tuesday morning since the chances of people using social media is highest at this time (especially for any age group ranging between 18-45). People will most likely be looking through their Facebook news feeds and clicking on things that catch their eye, so if your ad gets seen by them during these times, it’s going to give you much better results than other days in the past when you were only able to click on ads yourself.
    It isn’t mandatory to use specific images within Facebook advertising, but if they’re exciting, why not try something different? You might be surprised by how well people respond once they click on your page!

  4. Do some research on what kinds of images work best for this kind of business and if possible, try creating your own to see how customers respond! If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect image, then maybe try using Placeit’s website, where they offer a free image generator that will give you the chance to overlay text onto specific pictures (you can have a lot of fun with this tool so don’t be afraid to experiment!).

  5. The way Facebook Ad Manager is set up makes it easy to create new ads whenever you want, so if you need more than one design, why not develop another version? It’ll save time in the long run since you won’t keep having to change things over each time if the newest ad you created is already there.