What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads? (Part 2)

  1. Create an ad with a prominent call-to-action for people to share it and tag friends while including good content like pictures or a video of your product in action. This gets the most shares because people love to be social about things they’re interested in, especially if there’s some sort of incentive involved (like tagging friends).

  2. The headline makes all the difference with click-through rates! It should entice users into learning more about your ad rather than just getting straight to the point with what you offer, as this will make them feel like they’ve been cheated out of their time if you leave them feeling confused when viewing your ad. Make sure it answers any questions they might have and attracts their attention in a way that gives them the impression that you’re offering something of value to them.

  3. If your product or service has a more significant benefit for customers than just monetary value, try describing what those benefits are rather than talking about how much it costs. For example, “Get 10% off today with this coupon only!” rather than “Buy now before price increase at midnight! Only $100.”

  4. Call-to-actions work better when they ask for specific actions, like ‘like us on Facebook,’ rather than saying ‘go to our website.’ This gets more likes since people want to be liked by others! You can also say something like ‘tag someone who will love this’ to encourage others to share on their timeline.

  5. It’s better to use specific times rather than just saying that a special is ‘available now.’ People don’t like to feel left out, so it’s best if you can give them the impression that they have reached you at just the right time and that if they don’t get in on your deal then, they’ll miss out! You can even say something like, “buy two bottles for $50, only available until midnight tonight!” This can be much more effective in getting likes than other ads because people often want to be first or among the first few to purchase some kind. They usually prefer saying “I got this before it sold out” over waiting until the product is back in stock or something of that nature.