What are some technical questions asked in the Oracle Interview?

Oracle’s tech interview questions are divided into three categories: coding questions, design questions, and behavioral questions.

Oracle interview round is the final round of the placement process and is one of those rounds where higher management people come to see the mettle of the candidate and what to check whether they are fit for the company or not.

Following are some questions asked in this round:

What are the components of the Oracle database’s physical database structure?

The physical database structure’s components are listed below.

  • There are one or more data files.
  • Two or more redo log files are required.
  • There may be one or more control files.

What are the components of an Oracle database’s logical database structure?

Components of the logical database structure.

  • Tablespaces
  • Database’s schema objects

What is a tablespace?

In databases, tablespaces are logical storage units. A tablespace is a set of interconnected logical structures. A tablespace is actually a collection of connected logical entities.