What are some technical questions asked in microsoft placement process?

Microsoft is a global computer technology firm based in Redmond, Washington, whose primary mission is to develop, support, and sell a wide range of computer software and computer-related goods and services.

Microsoft is a well-known software company known for its Windows operating system and Office productivity suite.

Many people aspire to work at Microsoft because the company’s name is linked with computing.

Since the job offered by Microsoft is technology-heavy, they have to make sure about the technical knowledge of the candidates.

The placement process consists of two different tests for checking candidates’ technical knowledge. (Online coding test and technical interview rounds )

We help you out with most asked technical questions in their interview. Following are some commonly asked questions (topic-wise) -


  • Determine if there are two integers in the array whose sum equals the provided value, given an array of integers and a value.
  • If any element in a two-dimensional array is 0, make the entire row and column zero.

Linked Lists

  • Add the head pointers of two linked lists, each representing an integer number (each node a digit), and return the new linked list.
  • You are provided a linked list with two pointers at each node. The regular ‘next’ pointer is the first. The ‘arbitrary pointer’ is the second pointer, and it can point to any node in the linked list. Your task is to build code that creates a deep copy of the linked list you have been given. Any operations on the original list (inserting, updating, and removing items) should not affect the cloned list.