What are some questions asked in a Personal Interview in an MBA admission process?

Personal Interviews are unique to each candidate but there are some general questions that are asked to almost every candidate. Though there is no mandate that these will be asked, it is better if the candidates prepare them thoroughly. The questions are:
• Tell us something about yourself: This question seems simple but it provides a base for the interview. Candidates should prepare this thoroughly and drive where the interview progresses.
• Why MBA? – This is the most important question as the interviewers try to know the reason behind pursuing an MBA. This becomes a very crucial question for Engineers as they are changing the field of work completely.
• Why that particular B school? – Interviewers try to gauge the intention of a candidate to join that B school i.e., whether they really are making an informed decision or not.
• Which specialization and Why? – This is asked in order to know whether a candidate is interested in a particular field and has figured it out or not.

These are the questions that are common and asked to almost every candidate. Other questions depend on the profile of the candidate.