What are some points to keep in mind while appearing for personal interview?

Some things to keep in mind while showing up for a personal interview for an MBA Admission process are as follows -

  1. Make a polite and quick introduction to yourself.
  2. Keep your introduction to yourself. Unless the interviewer specifically requests it, do not discuss your parents, siblings, or family.
  3. Respond to the interviewer’s queries in a straightforward and basic manner.
  4. Respond in short sentences. Answers that are direct and precise are preferable to those that equivocate.
  5. Do not try to be overconfident or aggressive. It will have a downgrading effect on interviewers and decrease your chances of converting.
  6. Do not try to wow the panel by utilizing corny mangled phrases. It is not going to work. It will show how naive and unprofessional you are.
  7. Put on a formal outfit. It helps to show that you are serious about this interview and also helps to show that you are putting effort into the interview.