What are some points to keep in mind while appearing for GD in an MBA admission process?

Some points to keep in mind while appearing for Group discussion in an MBA admission process are as follows -

  1. Always be confident while keeping your points and consistently reinforce them if opposed.
  2. While bringing your facts to the table, always try to quantify them with some figures.
  3. Be consistent with the points you have made, and do not change sides if you have taken one.
  4. Never try to take an aggressive approach unless others are doing it.
  5. Do not cut others while they are making their statements. It portrays a bad image and lack of confidence in yourself.
  6. Always try to introduce or conclude the topic. It will help you garner extra points.
  7. Always hear what others are stating and try to bring their points to your statement. that will positively impact and indicate that you are observing.
  8. While concluding, always try to address all the candidates’ points and then make a summary of the whole.