What are some Javascript Topics you should prepare for front-end interview?

Javascript is the knife in front-end programming if HTML and CSS are the bread and butter. During your interview, companies will spend a significant amount of time checking your understanding of Javascript.

The following themes will be the focus of many of the questions.

  • Inheritance of prototypes
  • Scoping \sClosures
  • The loop of events
  • the event is heating up.
  • Make an application, make a phone call, and tie a knot.
  • Promises and callbacks
  • Hoisting with variable and function
  • Currying

Figure out which of these principles you are being assessed on when given a Javascript question, and it will be a lot easier to come up with the appropriate answer.

In Javascript, design patterns provide repeatable solutions to common problems. These are a handful of the most significant design patterns to be aware of.

  • Facade Observer
  • Singleton
  • Revealing module
  • Decorator
  • Factory

It is beneficial to be knowledgeable with Javascript frameworks and Javascript design patterns. This does not imply that you must master a new framework before the interview. Instead, understand when and why front-end developers employ frameworks.

Also, if you are interviewing for a position involving React + Flux or Angular, go over some of the framework’s architecture documentation beforehand.