What are some essential things to contemplate in a GD?

There is a certain way in which a GD is conducted and every candidate must keep a certain level of discipline and follow etiquettes while appearing in a GD. The list is as follows:
• Never start the GD before the time stated or before it is instructed to start it.
• It is better to give an overview of the topic if a candidate is starting the GD instead of straight-out giving opinions of the topic,
• Always mention the assumptions taken if any in case the topic is of comprehensive and open-ended nature.
• Be very polite in putting your points forth and do not shout.
• Never point fingers at anyone in the room and address the point to the group and not to an individual
• Do not try to speak when others are speaking as it comes out as very rude.
• If the group is not maintaining decorum while discussing the topic, try and reinstate the group towards a better approach
• If any candidate has not got a chance to put his points forward, allow them to speak.
• Make sure that group follows the time limit given and ends with a proper conclusion.